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The YAA Squadron One Program is geared toward boys and girls who are between the ages of 12 and 18. The kids (and some interested adults) spend twenty minutes at each of the ten stations where they participate in activities including how to pre-flight and airplane, airport surface operations, airport firefighting operations, police use of helicopters, aerodynamics, the life of a professional pilot (careers), aircraft engines, and instrument panels. The curriculum can be used to satisfy the requirements for earning the Boy Scout Aviation Merit Badge, and can also be used toward the Girl Scout Cadette Breathe Journey, the Senior Sky badge, and the Ambassador Bliss badge.

Currently, the YAA program “Squadron One” is held twice per year, and has a pool of over one hundred pilot and other adult volunteers who offer their expertise as discussion leaders. Several pilots provide their own aircraft as teaching aids, and The Ohio State University Airport provides hangar, classroom and ramp space. The Columbus Fire Department provides firefighters who volunteer their time, and an airport crash truck so the participants can see firsthand how firefighters respond to an airport emergency.