Introducing Young People to the…

Exciting World of Aviation

Teaching Girls about Aviation - Youth Aviation Adventure
Boy Flying Plane - Youth Aviation Adventure
Teaching Youth about Planes - Youth Aviation Adventure
Teaching Kids about Aviation - Youth Aviation Adventure

Modular, Inexpensive & Repeatable Programs For…

Future Aviators

Youth Aviation Adventure YAA has developed our signature program as a modular, inexpensive, repeatable system that can be transplanted and duplicated almost anywhere. The current platform exists for our program to be implemented with almost instant success.
Here is what they will learn…

What makes an airplane fly?

Learn about airport emergency workers or military flight or balloon flight!
Use your knowledge of aviation to “fly” aircraft using computer based flight simulators.
How does GPS work and how does it help a pilot navigate?
Learn what the instruments in the cockpit are used for and why they are necessary.
How do we determine an aircraft is safe to fly?

How much do you know about aviation?

How does an airport operate?
Learn about some of the large variety of careers available in aviation.
Build and fly a glider using a foam plate.
Did you know that some people build their own airplanes?
Learn about aviation navigation and make your own airport runway approach diagram.
How does an aircraft engine work?

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Not a pilot? Not a problem. No Experience is required, just an interest in aviation and a desire to help.

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